Review: ClassTracker’s “Ultimate Student Planner”

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, or know me in real life, you’ll know that I am unhealthily obsessed with planners. As in, I know it would be totally inefficient to use more than one planner but I won’t lie, I’ve thought about it. It’s that bad. 🙂 Long story short, when Lesley from ClassTracker contacted me and asked if she could send me a planner to try out, you can imagine my reaction… YES!


The first thing I noticed upon receiving ClassTracker’s “Ultimate Student Planner” was the clean and simple design. It’s thin, light, and easy to take on the go, while still being totally spacious on the inside. Additionally, the minimalistic cover is one you won’t get sick of seeing every day.

Moving inside, the planner is clearly laid out to keep a balanced schedule. With specific sections like “remember to,” “quizzes/exams/papers/projects,” “assignments,” and “activities,” there is literally a place for everything. Each week also has a spot for a to-do list and a weekly countdown.


The layout is perfect for those who want to stay organized, but don’t know where to start. PSA procrastinators and messy people: ClassTracker’s planner breaks it all down for you! I will note that the strict breakdown of the planner doesn’t give a lot of room for creativity, but for those who are easily distracted, this may be what you need. The layout is also great for those who need visual reminders and like to have everything they need in one go-to spot.

Overall, the “Ultimate Student Planner” is perfect for students looking for a straightforward, easy way to balance their life. And with a $20 price tag, it’s definitely student-budget friendly!  You can learn more about/purchase ClassTracker’s “Ultimate Student Planner” here: and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. I was provided with a free planner from ClassTracker in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions are my own.

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